Monday, January 3, 2011

Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry: On Wednesday, let's do 6 x 1200 with a 400 recovery. The target for the A group will be 2 @ 73s, 2 @ 71s, 2 @ 69s, and the B group can shoot for 2 @ 78s, 2 @ 76s, 2 @ 74s. See you out there.

If you plan on showing up but doing a separate workout, please post that here as well.

UPDATE:  We would like to have an informal race scheduling meeting after the workout.  Please come prepared with an idea of what races you want to focus on this spring.  For ideas, check out the GRC calendar link on the side of the blog.


Charlie Ban said...

I will be doing the 1200s at something closer to 4:00 (80s)

Big City said...

I'll be late