Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cherry Blossom 2011 Video & Wednesday Workout

FROM COACH JERRY: It was another great week for GRC. The headline is a second club record in six days for Sam, this time in the 10k at Penn Relays. While Sam was a little disappointed that he did not break 30 minutes, I was very pleased with his performance. He ran hard and competed the whole way, and I’m certainly not going to complain about a 21 second PR. Sam is most definitely on a roll, and I’m excited to see what he can do in the final leg of the Luff Triple Crown at Grandmas. Ryan also ran very, very hard at Penn, and while he was not satisfied with the result, I was pleased with the effort, and I am confident that big things are in store for him in the future. Speaking of folks who have good things coming in the future, we had impressive 2011 debuts this weekend from Jake and Kate. Despite not racing for several months, both Jake and Kate showed that their fitness level is very high and that they are going to be ready to run a slew of Prs this year. Finally, Dickson made a very strong showing at the Gettysburg Marathon, running 2:37 completely solo on a hilly course. The fact that Dickson has overcome a serious illness and a variety of nagging injuries this spring makes his performance all that much more impressive. With the base fitness Dickson showed out there, he will be ready to run a huge PR this fall when he gets into a competitive race.

For the workout, note that we are at American again this week. With any luck, we will be back at BCC next week and for the remainder of the spring. Let’s try to start at 7 if possible due to lack of lights at AU.

The workout this week is a little complicated with various folks preparing for various races, so bear with me. On the men’s side, we will have an A group workout of Outlaw and Sam (and perhaps Paul and Burnham) doing 4 x mile in 5:00, 4:55, 4:50, 4:45, all with a 400 jog. We will have a B group workout of 6 x 800, 2 @ 2:24, 2 @ 2:20, 2 @ 2:18, also with a 400 jog. There will be a couple of other personalized workouts that I will send to the interested parties directly.

I will also send the women’s workout separately.

If anyone has any questions give me a shout. See you at AU on Wednesday.



Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

What is that song in the beginning? Sounds Godfather-ish... Congrats on some great running today! Are any of you guys coming out to earn the bragging rights for the GRC at Rebel Race? Any chance of Jake coming out for some media coverage?? Wish you could bring Wilson out there too, but no dogs allowed :( Please let us know-

Peter said...


That opening song is "The Green Leaves of Summer" which I lifted from "Inglorious Basterds" soundtrack.

Tarantino in turn, had lifted it from the John Wayne film "The Alamo."

Regarding your event, I will have to check with Jake and Wilson about their availability and day rates.

KLIM said...

Excellent job Towpath! This rocks!

DM said...

Fabulous work!

Paul Guevara said...

First, great work on the video.

Second, I'll be joining the mile repeat group and maybe adding on depending on how I feel.