Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Recap & Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

There can be no debate this time around regarding the GRC athlete of the week. I don't know much about triathlons, but I do know that nobody wins $6,000 by accident. Lindsey clearly had the race of her life, and arguably turned in the GRC performance of the year. Well done! My sources tell me that Matias also performed extremely well, so let's give our boy Seabass some props as well. Finally, it certainly was not an epic victory for the ages like Lindsey's, and the prize money was a wee bit less, but it's worth mentioning that Sam ran well in the Germantown 5 miler, cruising 24:58 on a slow course. At this rate, the third leg of the Luff Triple Crown will produce a result as impressive as the first two.

For the workout this week, the A group will do 2k reps at half marathon goal pace. My hope is that we can do 6 x 2k, 2 @ 75s, 2 @ 74s, 2 @ 73s, all with a 3 minute rest, but we'll have to see how the heat affects the workout. We'll shoot for 6, and adjust as conditions warrant. For the B group, we'll do 8 x 800 with a 400 jog, 2 @ 2:30, 2 @ 2:28, 2 @ 2:26, 2 @ 2:24, and again we'll adjust as needed if the heat is a problem. I'll send the women's workout separately.

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