Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wednesday Workout - 7pm

From Coach Jerry:

It's going to be a hot one tomorrow, so I suggest that we start at 7:30 to allow the sun to drop a little further in the sky. I was on the track yesterday with young Jacob around 5 pm and the sun made it almost unbearable (to me, anyway--Jacob didn't even notice) so that extra few minutes should make a big difference. The A group will do an 8-6-4-2 ladder. We'll shoot for 74s on the 8, 73s on the 6, 71s on the 4, and 69s on the 2, and take a 5 minute recovery after the 8, 4 minutes after the 6, and 3 minutes after the 4. We'll adjust those target times as needed based on the heat. The B group will do 4 x 1000, 4 x 500. On the 1000s we'll cut down on each one, and shoot for 75s on the first, 74s on the second, 73s on the third, and 72s on the forth, and on the 500s we'll shoot for 2 @ 70, 2 @ 68. we'll take 3 minutes rest on all of it. Again, we'll adjust as needed based on the heat. I'll send the women's workout separately.

We're also going to have a workout on the track on saturday, so if anyone is interested who i haven't already spoken to, let me know. See you tomorrow.

NOTE - get to the track by 7:00 so that you are ready to start the workout at 7:29pm

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