Saturday, May 7, 2011

Results from the Multisport Corner

Just a quick result from the 'GRC Multisport corner':

GRC-ers Michelle Miller and Dirk de Heer won the Fallston Duathlon last sunday in dominating fashion. Michelle crushed the women's field winning by over 16 minutes and finishing 5th overall. She ran the 5k run- 19M bike- 5k run in 18.38, followed by the 6th fastest bike split on the day (20.6MPH on a very hilly course, topped off by a 18.16 5k! Michelle shows that she can do some serious damage in the international level races, and this was just the first duathlon of the year!

Dirk and Andy led the field after the first 5k with Dirk in 15.41, Andy in 16.31. They were caught by a strong cyclist with 4 miles to go on the bike, but were not far behind. Unfortunately, Andy 'pulled a Dirk' and missed the penultimate turn back into the race area and rode an extra 2 Miles. Dirk, in the meantime caught the leader a quarter mile into the run and won by over 3min 30, with a last 5k of 15.50. Despite his extra mileage, Andy still got 4th overall and had the 2nd fastest last 5k (16.47).

Full results HERE

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KLIM said...

Nice work lady and gents!