Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Race Results

Gettysburg, PA: Dickson Mercer wins the Gettysburg North-South Marathon in 2:37:12 (6 flat pace). It was a solo effort over an extremely challenging course but Dickson managed to run an even split. The Hanover Evening Sun reported on the race.

Washington, DC: Jake Klim wins the Run for Hope 5K in 15:57, marking an important milestone in his year-long battle to overcome injury.

In New Jersey, Frank Fung cracks the 3 hour barrier in the marathon for the first time!

Dave Wertz breaks 16 for the first time, where he treated the Vienna PTA crowd to its fastest race ever.


Joe Wiggy said...

Awesome work fellas!!! Congrats to both of you. Dickson for winning the marathon at your alma mater and Klim for putting up a W in your first race since EXACTLY this time last year (as we figured out on the long run today)...

Andy said...

Klim's return is a great thing for this team.

And good to see Dickson taking control of the marathon again.

P Murph said...

Somehow all feels right with the world again...

Great work Dickson, Klim, and Chuck! This caps what has to be the most successful month in GRC history:

- CB Dominance and Team Title
- Team records in the 800m and 5000m, with Hanson nipping at the 1500m record
- Numerous PRs all around
- The Return of the Klim.

KLIM said...

Thanks guys. It is good to be out there sweating again. A big shout out to Charlie Ban who helped pace me and "managed" me before and after the race.