Saturday, March 10, 2012

GRC wins deed to Glory Days Grill, windy in Jacksonville and other weekend updates

High winds in Jacksonville stifled many's hopes, with much of the course unprotected and almost daring the wind to take a swing at runners.

Tex - 49:38
Dix - 51:06
Outlaw - 51:32
Luff - DNF due to stomach cramps

Garvue - 56:54
O'Hara - 58:44
Shimada - 60:33

Full results here.

Meanwhile, in Ashburn, VA, the GRC Racing Team won the Van Meter 5 Miler and in doing so collected about a million dollars in gift certificates to a local eatery.

Karl Dusen and Anna Holt each took 3rd in their respective races. Dusen finished in 25:53 and Holt ran (unofficially) 29:10.

Charlie Ban returned to racing finishing 4th with a time of 27:38 and Brian "Breezy" Young rolled to a new PR of 28:25.

Unofficial results had Maura finishing 4th in 29:13, Hendrick 6th in 30:02 and Avril 9th in 32:35. actual times were likely 30 second slower across the board, based on everyone's stopwatches.

Watches indicated a nearly 30 second discrepancy in reported times, which seemed fast 

In Chambersburg, Pa. Matias prepared for next weekend's Shamrock Half Marathon by running 1:14:30.

Nobody ran the St.  Patrick's Day 8k Sunday morning, but a crew headed up Baltimore and raced the Kelly's Shamrock 5k in the afternoon. Jake Klim valiantly led for the first 1.5 miles before fading to fifth in 15:28, his fasted road 5k in two years. Dave Wertz followed him in 15:35, with Chris Bain in 16:10 and CTR in 16:24. Liz Laester finished fourth in 18:23.

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LTO said...

Mom of the year goes to Holly Turner for the Gate River Run: she was our chauffeur, provided food, entertainment. She also must have sprouted wings, because she was the only spectator at the top of the bridge. Yelling loud and holding on for dear life in 35 mph winds.

It was a good weekend all around in Jacksonville