Sunday, August 26, 2012

Miller Wins Annapolis Ten Miler

That fast monkey mama we know as Michelle Miller won a race today, the Annapolis 10-miler, in 1:02:57 (6:18 pace). She apparently ran the first 5mi in 33min (and therefore a second half at sub-6min pace, and that's a hilly course!)

A win is great, but what makes this even cooler is that it was her first race longer than 5k since the 2011 Philadelphia Marathon, almost a whole year. And, she subsisted entirely on a pop tart the day before. Quite a re-debut, I'd say. Oh and check out that massive trophy she won. You can't see it so well because it's clear, but I can see it. It's gigantic.

Picture nabbed from Lee Firestone's facebook page.


KLIM said...

Nice work! Not an easy course/ideal weather either...

Michelle M said...

Thanks Jake, and a special thank you to Charlie for supplying me with the above mentioned poptart. It was smores flavored... and delicious. It paired well with the swig of blue moon from Laura and the chocolate chip cookie and crumbs from Sam.