Sunday, October 21, 2012

Luff, Garvue Lead GRC at Army

Sam Luff lead the GRC at yesterday's Army Ten Miler with a time of 50:51. David Burnham and Jake Klim followed over a minute later with times of 51:57 and 51:58. Luff finished 18th in a very competitive year.

Drea Garvue and Beth Young finished 13th and 15th with times of 59:37 and 60:00, respectively.

Others competing for GRC:

Lavar Curley - 55:51
Chris Bain - 56:46
Andrew Sovonick - 57:12
Robert Jarrin - 59:33
Scott Koonce - 60:11

Laura O'Hara - 61:56
Teal Connor 62:20

GPS watches indicate the race course was approximately a tenth of a mile long, making some performances even more impressive.

Meanwhile, Charlie Ban won the Charlottesville Fall Classic Half Marathon by over ten minutes with a time of 1:12:44

In Charm City, Catherine Campbell won the Baltimore Race for the Cure 5k with a time of 18:04.


Charlie Ban said...

If you're dumb enough to believe a GPS watch is accurate, you don't deserve to run as fast as you imagine yourself to have over 10.1 miles...

KLIM said...

As I noted on my blog: this is the first time I've run a big race where my GPS was well off the advertised race distance. Usually it is right on the money.