Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunday Run & Emily Send Off

I am meeting a couple people tomorrow at Edwards Ferry at 9:00am for a long run. I'll do one of the 10-mile "Duel Ferries" loops then add on the shorter "Large Animal" loop top get in about 15-16 miles. 

Comment if you're interested in joining.

As most of you know by now, Emily left her job as manager of the CCRC. She is moving to LA to pursue a job as an apparel buyer for a big shoe/apparel company. So, we are having a little send-off for her tomorrow at 5:00pm at Hank's in Rockville. 

[Note - it was Emily, NOT me who suggested we go to "Hank's" AKA (Hank) Dietle's Tavern]
"Hank's" is a dive bar with a pool table, photo hunt, frosty pitcher, Golden Tee and area alcoholics. 

The Skins game starts at 1pm, so *most* of the football crowd will be dispersed by then.

Feel free to forward/invite others.

Hope to see some of you there at 5pm.

It's also a ten minute walk north along Rockville Pike from Grosvenor Metro Station. 


Karl D. said...

I'll be there at 9 for the run and will be there for Emily as well

Jake Marren said...