Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Workout



We had some excellent results this weekend at the Bull Run cross country meet. Our women ran as a pack throughout, and even when the real racing started on the third mile, there was very little separation, as we had six women within 22 seconds of each other. I was extremely pleased with the way all six of our women ran. Lindsay looked very strong in her first xc race in five years, and now that she’s shaken off the rust, she will be much more aggressive the next time out; Maura hung tough and finished very hard in the last 400, as she always does; Drea had a hard tune up for Army 10, where she's truly going to shine; Hilary ran very close to her 5k PR on any surface, and had enough gas in the tank after the race to emphatically call out the guy who elbowed her on a tight turn; Susan hung on very tough and ran her best race of the fall so far; and LTO fought through some allergy problems to finish strong. The men also ran well, led by Witty, who, running incognito so as to confuse his rivals, controlled the race from the gun. Tex Paul ran well for third, followed by very solid runs by Jason, Dave O, Murph, and Dickson. I was particularly pleased with Dave O, who made his long-awaited return to GRC, and is showing that he will be a major contributor in the months and years ahead. On the roads, the ageless Dave Wertz ran a solo 26:08 for 8k, which is within shouting distance of his PR. Well done to all!


1. We've got the all-clear at BCC this week and next. We’ll start at the normal time, 7:15, so meet for the warmup at 6:30.

2. For those of you not running Army 10, we will have practice on Saturday at the cell tower field. 

3. If you’re not running Army 10, consider doing your Sunday run on the course, so that you can cheer on our contingent.


4. We have the bus reserved for Clubs, along with a block of hotel rooms. At this point, I want to get a headcount to make sure my understanding of who is going matches with reality. If you plan to run, please tell me that. If you are not able to run, but plan to make the trip, I need to know that as well. I understand that plans can change, and I’m not expecting an ironclad commitment, but as of right now, if you plan to be on the bus on Friday morning, December 7, I need to know that.

5. I also need a head count for Veterans Day.

6. A number of you are interested in running either the half or full marathon in Phoenix on January 20. If you want in, please let me know.


See you at BCC for a 7:15 start.

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