Thursday, October 4, 2012

Saturday 10/6 Workout

From Coach Jerry:

As you all know by now, becuase the MCRRC x-c race was postponed to October 28, we'll have practice on Saturday at the cell tower field.  We'll start at 9, so plan to meet for the warm up at 8:15.

A few administrative matters:

1)  If you plan to run the Bull Run xc meet on October 13, please email me right away.  We have the possibility of comps, so I need as precise a head count as possible.  The race info is here.  If you are going to need a ride, also let me know that.

2)  If you can't make the Bull Run meet and want to race this weekend, let me know, as we'll have a contingent at a local 5k.

3)  I'm hoping the weather will permit us to do the workout this Wednesday, Oct 10, on the Mall.  I'll have a better idea of the forecast by Monday, and we'll firm up our plans.  BCC is not available, and if the Mall is out due to the threat of rain, we'll have to get creative.  One way or the other, though, we'll figure it out.

4)  If the plan for Wednesday is not feasible for you, you are always welcome at the NOVA practice on Tuesday.  We had a strong GRC presence this past week, and I think everyone agreed it was time well spent.

5)  For those of you who are serving as guides for the visually impaired at Wilson Bridge on Sunday, you should be all set with logistics.  If you haven't heard back from the race folks, let me know right away. 
As for the workout on Saturday, the men will do 3 x 9 minutes on, 4 minutes off.  After number 3, you'll take a 6 minute rest, and then do 5 x 45 second strides, with 1:30 rest. 

The women will do 3 x 7 minutes on, 3:30 off.  After number 3, you'll take a 5 minute rest, and then do 5 x 30 second strides, with 1:30 rest. 

If you can't make it Saturday, there will be an option to do some work Sunday at BCC, so give me a shout for the scoop on that.

Good luck to those of you who are racing this weekend.  Send 'em!

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