Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Dudes, if you do not know me by now then i forever give up and will go into hiding with the Pacers! No seriously, most of my posts and chatter is combination rambling, love, mixed in with some running talk/opinion. It's all for fun as what is life without ribbing, humor and yes, making a living somehow and some way.

Running is a strange animal to me. I have been aquainted with it for only a few years and still am wrestling with the whole concept of killing my body for....................endorphins, beautiful women, lots of dough, ya da ya da. Why we run and race, at least at our level is all about that inner-untamed animal within.

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Matias said...

Why do I run?

1. To meet new people
2. To have something to do after work
3. So I can stuff my face with 14 donuts and watch my co-workers amazement
4. To add structure/goals to my life
5. To spend time with family and friends at races
6. I guess I just enjoy it