Friday, August 31, 2007

Crab Feast

Anybody interested in crushing some crabs tonight?

2122 Massachusetts ave NW
apt 409

Tell them you are here to see DJ and go up to the roof. Apartment 409

Festivities begin at 8 pm. Bring whoever.

I'll post her cell phone number in a little while, my cell phone is currently out of commission.



Matias said...

DJ's #336 624 9421

Seriously, I want everyone to come. Big roof top in NW, should be a good time. They'll be side dishes and other goodies to munch on.

Best way to reach me is at my office

202.479.4832 x462


MAX said...

sounds like fun. i will go. see you there. thanks for invite matias_______M

KLIM said...

I'll go for a bit. Thanks.

Melissa said...

You had me at crabs.

Havegoats said...

Chrissie and I are down and we're bringing six cold friends of ours.