Sunday, August 12, 2007

Leesburg 20k Recap

Click HERE.

Kudos to Allen and Max for great performances on a warm day. IF I missed anyone else, my apologies.


MAX said...

Hi Dane,

Now that you have run 7 million races of different distances, its time to focus on a goal such as running a 2:45 marathon. There is a big difference between 2:45 and 3 hrs. If you can do this, you can actually say you have improved. Running lots of races without getting better or faster is equivalant to running hard by yourself, etc. It would be different if you were some run of mill guy who runs races to stay in shape. However, you are a fanatic(in a good way) and might was well focus your passion for the sport so that you do not run out of steam before you were able to run a fast marathon. Eventually all marathon runners die out as one can only take running 26.2 miles on a regular basis for so long. I do not expect you to listen to this as only injury leads one to run more carefuly.

Just trying to share the love------M

Anonymous said...

Max you are less focused than anyone. Why run the race at all if you are coming off a plane. Why run 4 min slower? Why not just get some sleep and go for a training run. Be it Wardian, Dane etc. leave them alone and focus on getting your self ready to break 2:30.

KLIM said...

I love Max like any heterosexual male loves another, but I feel as if he tries to play "papa bear" a little too much and lecture those who don't need, nor want, to be lectured regarding racing and training. I feel as if his comments are uttered to simply cause a stir...because his comments often don't coincide with earlier comments.

April - get healthy man, stay off the roads and don't race, you gotta be 100%

May - dude, only races will cure the pain. Get out, compete and feel the love.

Also - his past running successes don't necessarily reflect the proper way to train (ie - limping through a 10k quasi-injured at the same pace as one raced a marathon a little over a year earlier). I concure with Ben. MY opinion would be to get healthy and try and piggyback off of your earlier success in the marathon. But again, to each his own.

PS - Someone gave me a great answer as to why Mike Wardian would want to run so many races and so many marathons instead of focusing on one single race like the majority of great runners do...the answer "because he can".

Matias said...

Max? Sub 2:30? Yea right.

How's that for sharing love

Matias said...

OK, that was mean, just got fired up. I apologize for my comments, it's good to have goals.

MAX said...

Yo guys, I am older and have a right to have all kinds of opinions, no matter how silly. A little pushing and shoving is good for entertainment. where is the love, where is it?

KLIM said...

So I was right - you are trying to cause a stir. Well in that case, I'll give you plenty of love...

Dane said...

Max, I welcome your opinions. I welcome your advice. I just tire of repeating the same damn statement. I talk to you but you seem to talk AT me.

DaveO said...

Just wanted to give a shout out to Allen and Laura, both came away with some nice cash money for 2nd place. I think I spent more money in gas driving out there than LT won but it was a fun race to watch. Good luck to anyone running in NYC this weekend. Wish I could be there.
Oh, BTW not that I agree or disagree with the comments on Dane's blog but there is another DaveO(not me) that commented. Not sure who he is but I'm staying clear of all that drama.

MAX said...

i forgot about the nyc city race. who is running it? whoever is, its a blast and have lots of fun! i am jealous.

Dane, keep running strong and run as many races as your heart will allow.

no more opinions

its all love man