Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sorry Allen, I did not read your post in time or I would joined you. I ran a miserable 21 miles this am from the store(on my own). I do not like running long runs alone in DC as there is nothing new for me to explore and my mind wanders into oblivion and I get bored. Oh Well. Ran 21 miles in 2 hrs and 18 minutes. Out and back. Started at the store and did a straight shot down rock creek park all the way to the intersection of east way highway and the park and a little beyond. This is right around the area we meet for DC/MD line runs. At that point, I turned around and ran more or less back to the store. I think this about 21 miles. If I am wrong and someone has GPSed it, let me know. Anyway, at the 1 hr and 45 minute spot, I really started to get hungry. My body felt weak and I was light headed. I thought about laying on the ground and pretending to be really out of it so that someone would feel sorry for me and give me a goo or something. I thought better of it and kept going and struggled on home. Not all runs are fun.


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