Thursday, May 19, 2011

Course info: Baltimore Ten Miler

Can anyone provide me with some intel on the Baltimore Ten Miler? Specifically, I'd like to know what the course is like -- hilly, fast, hairpin turns? -- and whether you'd recommend it. Thanks in advance.


RM said...

I wouldn't classify it as necessarily a "fast" course, as it does feature some rollers in and around Druid Hill Park. While it avoids the nasty hills behind the Baltimore Zoo, you are almost always either going up or down. The competition varies year to year, but in general it is not one of the faster fields for area races. Last year's winner was just under 60, and nobody else was under (although we believe last year was 3/10th of a mile long). The year prior the winner was in the 57 range, and the inaugural year was 55 and change, although I think that course was a little different.

The course doesn't feature any hairpins turns, so it's not super technical, but it always seems to be on one of those weekends where the conditions are particularly rough. It's rained twice and is inevitably humid.

It's by no means a bad race to do, and really one of the few longer races that exists in June. I don't think it's sold out yet but it will fill up.

Hope that helps!

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

Never run the ten-miler in Baltimore, but ran Baltimore marathon twice.

By looking at their map, the ten miler is laid on hilly portion of the marathon’s course. I remember the most is those three consecutive up hills outside of Lake Montebello; it feels like run up Wisconsin Ave & K St. in Georgetown three times.

Alexander said...

I ran the race in 09 and the course ended up being ~10.2 miles. It starts out near the zoo and goes out to Lake Montebello via 33rd street. It is by no means a flat course, but there are some quicker portions. I would definitely recommend running it as it is always a fun race, and always features some quality competition.