Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fall Race Plans


We need to get a sense of what everyone's (tentative) fall race schedule is, especially the BIG races you intend on running. I've heard rumors of:

RnR Philly Half Marathon - 9/18
Chicago Marathon - 10/9
Army Ten Miler - 10/9
USATF Club XC Champs - 12/10

EVERYONE on the team please "comment" what your basic fall racing season might consist of so that we can begin the long arduous plans of creating teams/working logistics. Also, include the date of the race in case it's not one of the aforementioned events listed above.



KLIM said...

I am racing Kentlands 5k (local in early Sept)

and RnR Philly Half

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

MCRRC races
09/11 - Parks Half Marathon(?)
09/24 - Akron Marathon
12/11 - Tucson Marathon

RM said...

RM Classic 5000m - 9/11 (week before PDR) is happening for anyone looking to run swiftly before the half. Also planning on having a one mile track footrace in the same day.

Andy said...

Jerry was talking at practice about having the team race at Veteran's Day 10k, which is the second weekend of November (9/13?)

I am planning on running there if we do intend to send a team, and the USATF XC club champs.

Unknown said...

I'm registered for Chicago but b/c of the vertigo don't think I will be ready. Thinking Philly Marathon instead.

Michelle M said...

-20k championships in new haven (9/5)
-twin cities marathon (10/2)
-xc club nationals

Big City said...

August 13 - Boiling Springs tri (first in 5 years)
Sept 5 Cal XC 8k (first in 3 years)
Dec. 11 Kent State 800m 1:54 goal

Charlie Ban said...

10/1 Freedom's Run Half Marathon
10/8 Great Pumpkin 5k
11/12 HCA Richmond 8k
11/20 Philadelphia Half Marathon
12/10 USATF Cross Country

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

Are you really? Unless Dr. Cucuzzella changed the course on Freedom's Run; otherwise you are going to run a very hilly half marathon.

Sam L said...


9/25 - Great Race 10k
10/2 - US 10 mi Champs
10/23 - Mayor's Cup XC
11/?? - Veteran's Day 10k?
T-gives - Run for the Diamonds 9 Miler
12/10 - Club Nats XC

Sam L said...

I could also be persuaded to do the Army 10 miler instead of US Champs, what with it being in DC and not say, Minnesota.

Charlie Ban said...

Oh dear, I thought it was a flat half marathon. Check me if I'm wrong, Yukon Jack, but West Virginia is nicknamed "The Flat State," right?

Charlie Ban said...

Also, Diddy, if you end up going to defend your Great Race title, I would join you for the trip, since I otherwise wouldn't be going to Pittsburgh until Thanksgiving

KLIM said...

I might entertain that trip, but it would not be to support Sam Luff, it would be to take his crown.

bain said...

Annapolis 10M
Army 10M
NYC Marathon
and others probably

Ryan said...

vets day

Mike C said...

Richmond Half - 11/12
CIM - 12/4

DM said...

RnR Philly Half

Army 10 (thought it is sold out; have we considered that?)

Vet's Day 10K (Coach J, like Tenders said, wants us to have a big team there

I can't do club nats (school)

Peter said...

I'd like to race the RM Classic 5000m.

Has anyone ever looked into whether we can enter an open team at any college XC invitationals in the fall? Might be a good tune up for Club XC.

DM said...

I don't think we'd have a problem getting into the Gettysburg Invitational in mid October.

Jake Marren said...

No foreseeable return to racing in 2011. Maybe spring 2012.

Mike C wants to do ATM. Nice.

Uncle Buttweenis said...

Parks or Filthy Half 9/11 or 18th
Army 10 miler (I'm signed up) 10/9
Filthydelphia Marathon 11/20
Whatever looks like fun in between.

Paul Guevara said...

RnR Philly
Twin Cities Marathon
Club XC

kdart said...

Philly RnR Half Marathon - 9/18
Philly Marathon - 11/20
Maybe Army 10

Beth Young said...

What Dart said (Philly RnR Half Marathon - 9/18; Philly Marathon - 11/20; Maybe Army 10).

Joe Wiggy said...

Still tentative but it is looking like: Kentlands 5k, RnR Philly half, Army 10, Philadelphia Marathon.

Sam L said...

As Dickson noted, can we get into Army 10 even though it's closed?

Karl D. said...

Karl D:

Phillly Distance Run

Maybe - Army 10

Susan Hendrick said...

Susan H:

Army 10
Probably Veterans Day 10k
Maybe Club XCs

chunt916 said...

Carlos H:

Tentative - Lynchburg Half 8/13

Confirmed - Berlin Marathon 9/25