Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drea runs 1:19:20, Breezy PRs

She finishes sixth at the Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Half Marathon for a 48-second PR.

Sam runs 1:08:57 for eighth, Dickson 1:13:38

Breezy ran 2:48:50 for a 12-second PR over his 2011 Marine Corps time

Bain ran 2:36:50 for third overall in the marathon

Klim DNF, dropping before 20

Meanwhile, Outlaw won the Frostbite 15k in Richmond in 51:07 for a 47-second victory

Yesterday in Maryland, Witty ran 15:06 to win the 5k, Sean dropped after 1k, JR ran his first race since Run Geek Run to hit 16:25. Hilary struggled through a cold to run 18:25, Tom Kelly hit 4:32, Big City ran 1:59 and Meghan ran 10:28, beating scores of collegiate runners.

It's also worth noting that GRC alumnus Neal Hannan is engaged.

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