Tuesday, January 8, 2013

GRC Board Elections

At the team meeting this Saturday at 6:30pm at Sam, Charlie, and Witters' house, we'll elect a new GRC Board for 2013.  In advance of the election, we wanted to solicit nominations for the five positions to be placed on the ballot, as well as other important jobs helping the team run smoothly.  Here are the five elected positions, as described in our club bylaws:

President:  shall preside at meetings, set the annual agenda, represent the GRC in the RRCA, USA Track and Field (USATF) and other organizations, call special meetings, appoint committees and chairpersons thereof. 

Vice President/Treasurer:  shall assume the powers of the President in his or her absence and take on special assignments as requested by the President. As Treasurer, this individual shall administer all GRC finances, maintain a current status of accounts, disburse funds as directed in accordance with requirements of bylaws, prepare annual tax filing documentation, and prepare an annual financial report and annual budget for presentation at the Annual Meeting. 

Secretary:  shall record the minutes of meetings and keep a file of such minutes and, when requested by the President, accept assignments involving correspondence and the keeping of records. 

Men's/Women's Team Director:  shall represent their respective team constituencies in all Board meetings and act as a liaison between individual team members and The Board.

In general, the responsibilities of the Board members include attending bi-monthly Board Meetings (approximately 2 hours each), frequent attendance at team practices and events, and responsiveness to board emails to make team decisions between meetings.

In addition, we're looking for people to take on the following roles (these are non-board positions that will not be voted on):

GRC Technology Czar:  This person will be responsible for maintaining the team's website, blog, Twitter feed, and new Facebook page.  Jimmy Daly has done a great job setting this all up, so the job will require more diligence than technological know-how.  The tasks include weekly maintenance of the blog (editing Jerry's emails into a PG version suitable for the blog), posting race results on the blog, maintaining/creating team member profiles on the website, and uploading/tagging race photos on Facebook.  The total amount of work is likely to be less than 30 minutes/week.

Father's Day 8K and Lauren's Memorial Run Race Committees:  We're looking for volunteers to solicit sponsors, organize race day events, maintain/build race websites, and other race-related tasks.  Most importantly, we're looking for the next generation of race directors for these events.

If you are interested in a board position or team leadership position, or would like to nominate someone else, send Patrick an email (patrick@grcrunning.com) before the meeting Saturday to be placed on the ballot.  So far, we have the following nominations:

President:  Patrick Murphy
Vice President/Treasurer:  Sam Luff
Secretary: Maura Carroll
Men's Team Director: Charlie Ban
Women's Team Director: Laura O'Hara


Anonymous said...

can we please allow 3-5 minutes in the agenda to re-address the sweatpants issue?

Karl D. said...

I second the proposal.

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