Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekend Runs



I am meeting Karl and Sam for a run Saturday @ 9am @ Difficult Run.

We'll meet in the parking lot pictured above, which is located off Georgetown Pike. Check the "Where We Run" link if you need directions.

We will hit some trails that I discovered...that no one else in the world knows about...except me.

Come one, come all.



From Coach Jerry:  I hope everyone has dried off after our misadventure with the rain on Wednesday.  For those of you who want to get on the track this weekend, we'll get after it on Sunday at BCC for a 9:30 start, so meet for the warmup at 8:45.  I'm on a very tight time schedule on Sunday, so please be ready to roll right at 9:30. 
Best of luck to Sean and Meghan at USATF xc in St Louis.  Make us proud!


KLIM said...

Regarding Saturday at Difficult Run:

Is anyone coming from the vicinity of North Capitol St & New York Ave, NW?

We have a possible new recruit who'd like to join. As of now, he is meeting me at Grosvenor Metro at 8:30am, but I was trying to find a better option for him...if an option exists?

Comment here.

DM said...

I plan to run tomorrow from The Line at 9.

KLIM said...

I'm meeting a friend for (another) run from Difficult Run at 9am.

All are welcome.

DM said...

And a revision for The Line. Stefan and I will start at 8:30.