Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Saturday Workout/Long Run

I am meeting Sam, Dix and some others on Saturday for a long run/workout up/around Edward's Ferry.

- I will be running 18 miles, starting at Sycamore Landing Road at 9:00am
- Sam, Dix (and others?) will be running 14 miles starting Edward's Ferry at the same time

Jake will start by running four easy miles from Sycamore Landing Rd to Edwards Ferry, then running one loop of the Duel Ferry ten mile course, then cooling down four miles back to Sycamore Landing Rd...for a total of 18. The first 4 miles will be a warm-up, then I slowly ease into high 5:30s and stay there for eight miles. If I'm feeling good, I'll push two miles near the end. The first 8 miles of this run are suppose to simulate my marathon, but naturally you could simulate your own workout based on these logistics/join for part or all of mine etc etc.

After meeting me 2 miles in, Sam and Dix will be running the first 5 miles of the Duel Ferries loop at a moderate pace 5:50 to 6:00 (no faster), then once they hit River Road, they'll try to run 4 to 5 miles at "race pace," or an effort near to that, then jog a mile and call it a day.

- start at Sycamore Landing Rd at 9:00am
- mile 1-4 warm-up running north towards Edwards Ferry, meet up with Sam/Dix circa 9:15am at mile 2, together run north to Eds Ferry
- miles 4-6 (5:55s)
- miles 6-12 (5:35-5:40)
- miles 12-14 (crank, if feeling good...finish workout at Edward's Ferry parking lot, then continued south along canal)
- miles 14-18 (cool down back to car at Sycamore Landing Rd)

After the run we'll celebrate at Potomac Pizza.

All interested parties should comment whether they plan to come and should plan to arrive a few minutes early.

UPDATE: For those not planning to run long on Saturday and/or looking to stay close to DC, there will be a shop run from the Gtown Store at 9am with Witters and Murphy. Comment below if you plan to join.


Andy said...

Potomac Pizza?? MMMMMMM that's good pizza!

Karl D. said...
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Karl D. said...
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Karl D. said...

Never mind my previous comments - see you at 9 at Edward's. I'll be there a few minutes early and run with Sam/Dix.

KLIM said...

Ok, see you then! Anyone else?

bain said...

I am in for the 18 with Klim.

KLIM said...

Kewl. See you at Edward's Ferry parking lot at 9am.

KLIM said...

Err, I mean the Sycamore Landing Road parking lot at 9. The others are meeting at Edward's Ferry.

Alex said...

Mayb too late but I'll meet at gtown store