Friday, December 13, 2013

GRC Ready to Race in Bend!

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Coach Jerry: The course is the most difficult I've ever seen. The start is literally up a mountain, the footing is very iffy in many spots, and there are many tight turns. We've got a race plan of hanging back early, then moving late, the guys are fired up...

REPORT: Bend's cross country course was described late tonight as a "bleeping bloodbath" by a member of the GRC. "The course is (expletive) crazy," said the anonymous GRCer, "crazy hills, challenging terrain, mud, et cetera." He added that yesterday the course had to be "snow-blown clean."

Asked whether this bodes well for the GRC, the teammember said "it's a total wild card."

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DaveO said...

I'm so incredibly jealous! Best of luck chaps! Tear it up, oh wait it's already torn up, ok then tear it up even more!