Saturday, December 14, 2013

Live Results from Bend

Twitter reports c/o Sebi (

Klim note - 50+80+80+80+100 = 390, which would have placed 12th in 2012 and 12th place in 2011

Kieran first GRC man in 50th or so. Mike, Luke, Kevin in the top 80, Sam a few places back from 100th. The GRC top 6 beats German Fernandez!

8k in, Kieran and mike right around 50. Luke, Kev and Sam close behind.

At 4k our front three are around 70th, Kevin has moved up close to Sam in about 100th
Mike just outside the top 50. Needs top 36 for a guaranteed ride home from the airport.

1 loop in we have Mike F, Kieran and Luke in about 80th, with Sam and Paul B a few seconds back. Good spread and they look smooth.

GRC well positioned in the top 100 a half mile in.

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