Sunday, October 30, 2016

FLASH: Four (?) in Top 15 at MCM

On a morning better suited to spectating a marathon rather than running one, GRC piled at least four men into the top 15 at MCM. Temperatures remained in the 60's throughout the race, but the humidity wreaked havoc on the field in the latter stages.

Numerous eyewitness reports indicate that Jake Klim was in the lead pack through at least 18 miles. While race officials deny participating in a conspiracy to remove Jake from the runner tracking system, the e-mail thread released by WikiLeaks with the subject line "the fix is in" raises serious questions. Anyone with photographic evidence of Jake finishing is encouraged to come forward.

6 Jerry Greenlaw 2:33:14
8 Blake Taneff 2:33:52
10 Sean Barrett 2:34:02
14 Graham Tribble 2:36:34
76 Brian Young 2:55:10

Jake cruising around mile 14

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