Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Daylight Savings - March 11

As many of you know, Daylight Savings is fast approaching. On Monday, March 12, I will officially switch back over to the afternoon/evening run since I hate to run in the mornings. I usually run 2x a week at our usual parking spot at RCP or in the trails above Great Falls/C&O Canal at the Old Angler's Inn.

Per our different schedules and the DC traffic, training together during the week is somewhat difficult, but I wanted to throw out my tentative schedule to see if anyone would ever like to join me on some training runs. I intend to run at 7:00pm. If anyone wants to run on Wednesdays and/or Thursday/Friday (I am still not sure which day I plan to head to Old Anglers) simply drop me a line. I am fairly certain I will run long(er) on Wednesdays at Great Falls.

Monday - easy from my home

Tuesday - speed/track with Jason Dwyer (Bethesda)

Wednesday - 10-12 mile run at DC/MD line of RCP

Thursday - Great Falls/Old Angler's Inn or from my home 8-11miles

Friday - Great Falls/Old Angler's Inn or from my home 8-11miles

Saturday - GRC group run 10-12miles

Sunday - long run (14+)

I plan to start easy 3-5 mile morning runs 3x a week the Monday after Easter in prep for Grandmas.


Matias said...

Love the plan. If you stick to it you're going to tear it up at Grandma's.

MAX said...

what about the donuts?

MAX said...

Once March 11 comes around i am coming out to the Wednesday runs and will run all of you into oblivion. watch out and beware booooooooohooooooooooooo........
life is, as always, in an unpredictable motion. dream big M