Friday, February 2, 2007

Local Runner Passes Away

Paris Caballero, a 23 year old runner from Germantown, passed away on February 1. Many of you probably competed against him in local races. He was quick on his feet and might have given you a run for your money...he won a number of races in the DC area over the past few years. I only met him once, but it was evident that he was a great person.
"My heart has joined the Thousands, for my friend has stopped running today."
- Watership Down by Richard Adams


Matias said...

Paris was a great up and coming runner. I remember battling him in a 1600m race a couple of years ago. He was also very passionate about running and intense with training.

Justin McCarthy said...

Very sad to hear. What did he die of?

Matias said...

Word is he shot himself, but not 100% sure

Matias said...

I think what Max said previously applies in this situation... Don't take your ability to run for granted

Anonymous said...

Here is information about Paris's funeral.

Thursday, February 8
10 a.m. - viewing
11 a.m. - Service

Jenkins Funeral Home
7474 Landover Road
Landover, MD 20785

His mom is:

Darlene Stewart
19638 Turnflower Circle
Germantown, MD 20876