Friday, February 23, 2007

Pikes Peek Comp Entries

Let me know if you are interested in racing this 10K on April 29. It is a PR course with lots of competition. I might be able to swing a handful of comp entries.

More info -


Havegoats said...

jim contacted me about this. I will fill out the form this weekend.

MAX said...

my only comment on this race is it is for wimps. its all downhill and all of these incredibly fast runners come out to make the money and get some suedo PR. OK, this is my bias coming out against the courses that are like this. i do not like these kind of flat or downhill runs as i do not know what they get you. ok, you run a fast time, but is it really that fast if the course is downhill? my two cents worth. I am running the capital hill classic in May(true man's race) hills and heat------------------M

Havegoats said...

if the competition is there, I want to be there.