Monday, February 5, 2007


Last Sat and Sun we hit the trails of Rock Creek Park and the steady tow path of the C&O, respectivley. On Sat, Ben, Matt, Max, Jake, Steve, Matias, Melissa and her sister, from CA ran 12 miles in Rock Creek for a solid, if unspectacular workout.

On Sunday, Jake took us to one of his secret training spots way out in the country in MD. Gosh Jake, and to think you found this place on your own. We hit the C&O at mile 27 and hammered out 15 miles in 1hr. 38 minutes. Not bad---------On a personal note, I am getting stronger and though the hamstring and butt muscle still moan and groan, i can at least, run through it. Pretty soon all of you will be watching my backside as you try to keep up-------------:)

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Havegoats said...

only if your backside still "moans and groans."