Friday, February 16, 2007

tomorrow's race

I will see you all at 7:30/7:45... meet by the arcade area?

Course route has been altered- soley on the highway- out and back.

I plan on sitting on the leaders for the first mile (assuming it isn't sub 5) and assesing from there.

I didn't get a jersey, so perhaps someone will be able to grab one for me? Small please!


Anonymous said...

We are all out of singlets from 06 and the 07 have not come in yet. I will give everyone a singlet as soon as they come in.

Havegoats said...

this is unacceptable, my agent will be speaking with you. Also, we need to talk about my multi-million dollar signing bonus... by this I mean, how many millions exactly?

KLIM said...

I'll be there around that time. Warm up?

I'll do whatever it takes to stay near the top...even if it means cheating.

MAX said...

i think we should get there by 7:30 for warm up. I have been watching these videos of races and it seems that there are often all types of tactics and maneuvers done to ensure that the best runner of the bunch wins. So, maybe i can go out as a rabbit and run all out for 2 miles and drop off. perhaps this will serve the purpose of tiring out the competition so that one of you guys can win! see ya in the am. rest well max

Anonymous said...

It is my experience that those tactics won't work in this type of a road race. The comp will go out just as fast as your legs will take you and be able to "hold on" to some degree.

Unless you run your first two miles in 9:20, this tactic will ot succeed.
- Anonymous Competition