Wednesday, February 28, 2007

10x1000 w/ 200 recovery

The ultimate in marathon training, especially if you enjoy a little speed and cranking it out on the track. The first couple feel deceivingly easy, but by the sixth one your only goal is to survive until the next one... and if you run it right the last one feels like you could run through a brick wall.

If anybody is interested, I plan on getting through this workout next Wednesday, March 7th at Wash Lee HS. If anybody wants to join me for some/all 1000s, I plan to get to the track at 6 p.m. to warmup and start the workout around 6:30.


Havegoats said...

I can be down for this, but am not able to get to washington and lee. any chance we could pull it off up in the bethesda area?

also, what's the target time for the reps?

Justin McCarthy said...

I can be there

MAX said...

with the national marathon close at hand, don't know if the track is wise. i am going to ask some wise old marathoners and see what they say. no need to hurt yourself with speed work that may or may not pay off for a 26 mile race.

Merkel said...

I did 10 by 800 about 9 days before my first marathon. This is a popular workout known as "yasso 800's" in which you run each repeat as at your marathon-goal time (e.g. if your goal was 2:50, you would shoot for 2 minutes and 50 seconds for each 800) with a 400 jog rest in between. Coming from a middle distance workout-intense background, this pace felt VERY relaxed, and I ended up dropping the pace down as the workout progressed (from 2:55 to 2:26; me and my workout-mate ended up marathoning 2:56 and 2:50 respectively). I do think if it was a little more intense throughout that I wouldn't have been recovered in time for the marathon, so I guess the pacing is set that easy for a reason.

10 by 1000 is a solid workout for 2 weeks out from a marathon, but individuals react to speed in different ways and with a group the goal pace could get out of hand, so I am cautious to join... I'll see if my legs are feeling better by then (I am still trying to get the marathon out of my legs with easy runs, "the stick", water, green tea, and lots of vitamins).

Matias said...

I totally agree. Splits could get a little crazy within a group, especially if we're all trying to hit different times so I plan on easing into the workout, getting faster and stronger throughout. The workout is also a good mental test to teach a newbie marathoner like me to be patient.
I did this workout Jan 17th going through the 800 in about 2:38. With this in mind, I'm thinking 2:35s would be a good goal to go through the 800s in (3:14 for the 1000). I also like the idea of starting slower and building throughout the workout.

10x1000 w/ 200 recovery @ 5:10 mile pace... that's a 32:18 10K in speed but you get nine 1 minute breaks.

Sounds like a daunting task, but you feel like a beast if you get through it.

MAX said...

talk to steve and wilson as they are very smart about training and have done very well.

i was running farlek runs on the canal last year of 3 minutes hard, 1 off, 2 hard and 1 off and then 1 on and 1 off 15 times until we all died in the heat. the whole workout was probably 14 miles including warm up and cool down. ran 2:33 marathon. track is ok but it does not simulate the actual marathon conditions.