Friday, June 19, 2009


As I sit at the Georgetown Store upon closing, I look out the window and see runners and memories present themselves.

Some time ago, when I was bored or looking for another challenge, I met the guys from the Running Company. Somehow we clicked and such. I ran with them and found it challenging and fun.

It was Wilson, who in 2005, turned me on to competitive running. Until then, I never took running seriously. Maybe a three time a week fitness endeavor.

Well, to make a long story short, I enjoyed Wilson's easy going personality and willingness to take all of the runners out on long training runs. I remember running all across town after work in champion sweat shorts and trail running shoes. We would meet at the store and just run.

Wilson told me his story of coming from Kenya to run. We have heard this tale in some form or another many times. Many Kenyans and Ethiopians try to make their talents pay off here in the states.

Most of these athletes enjoy limited success and return home. Some of them win a big race and bring their earnings back to their home and live well.

Wilson is unique in that he has found a way to run at a high level, work full time at a running store and develop a coaching program.

This is all the more impressive considering he came here with little money or support. He came on a journey, like many. Some succeed and some do not.

For those who look at this blog imagine just taking off at a young age with a dream, to a foreign land. Think of the trial and various ups and downs.

I enjoy the human story and learning the plights of us all. It's what make us unique and interesting.

I have worked with Wilson on a daily basis now for some time. We make what seems like 10000 trips up and down the treacherous gtown steps every day. This alone, zaps the precious energy from the legs. There is no lunch breaks or areas to sit and enjoy leisure time. Its a on-your feet-all the time job.

There is no pedestal to put Wilson or anyone on but rather, just respect for another person's journey.

Wilson and Chris(his training partner) are running the Grandma's marathon this weekend seeking to do the best they are able.

Wish them luck

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