Thursday, June 18, 2009


Piecemeal Gatorade:
52 weeks in a year, average of one 32 fluid oz bottle of gatorade at a cost of $1.00 (a very conservatively low estimate).

Total Annual Gatorade Expenses = 52 x $1.00 = $52 per year for a total of 13 gallons or $4/gallon

Bulk Gatorade Powder:
1/2 a 32 pack case of Glacier Freeze or 16 packs of dry gatorade powder, each makes 2.5 gallons, total cost is $57.50.

Total Annual Gatorade Expenses = 57.5 / (16 x 2.5) = $1.44/gallon x 13 = $18.69 per year

someone(s) want to split a case of gatorade with me?




KLIM said...

I drink about one 32oz Gatorade a day, close to two a day on the weekends.

The negative in buying bulk is that it comes in only a few flavors...which I personally get bored of rather quickly. I buy about 10 different flavors a week and fill my fridge.

My teeth also hurt more often and I've now had two cavities in the past year.

I will look British soon.

Peter said...

I like the idea of buying bulk but I am an accelerade man

RM said...

GLACIER FREEZE is my jam. Glad to see someone else likes it.

Jake you can get enough flavors to get by. Fruit Punch, Orange, Lemon Lime, Glacier Freeze.

As an alternative you can usually find the tubs of powder - I have found them at Wal-Mart in Columbia.

KLIM said...

I like the odd flavors like Melon, Extreme Melon, Glacier Melon etc.

PR said...

I always enjoyed some of the discontinued Gatorade flavors, including:

- Iced Tea with Lemon
- Midnight Thunder
- Extremo Citrico Vibrante
- ESPN the Flavor

I'm all about buying the powder. The pre-mixed stuff makes my stomach churn sometimes. If I use the powder, I typically only go for 75% of what the mix calls for.