Tuesday, June 9, 2009


THERE WILL BE A RACE ON FATHER'S DAY CALLED THE FATHER'S DAY 8k. ITS A GTOWN RACE. We need help getting the word out. Its going to be Sunday the 21st in the evening(630). Its going to celebrate all of the dad's in the world who don't get enough credit.

There is going to be prizes and fun second to none.

Its on the Capital Crescent Trail across from the Gtown store. If you want to help out and volunteer, let me know.

the race registration site is http://therunningcompany.net/



Peter said...

If the weather cooperates I might bring the new camera out and get some footage.

Patrick Hughes said...

I can volunteer for whatever you need. I'm still in a boot, and doc says no running until July...

KLIM said...

Max - if you need help on the day of, let me know. I can lend a hand.