Monday, June 8, 2009

Lawyers Have Heart 10k

GRC friend and teammate Robert Jarrin is living proof that lawyers DO, in fact, have abundant heart. Forgive me if I'm overlooking any other GRC lawyers.

With that in mind, is there any interest in running or racing the Lawyers Have Heart 10k this Saturday morning?

The start of the race is just a couple of blocks from the store in Georgetown, and the store has about 5 entries for the race have a if you want to put a team together for it. I'm planning on using it as a tempo run in place of running the normal Saturday morning store run, and it's a good opportunity for an early summer tune-up or fitness check.

Murphy, Billy and I are in so far. Do any of you want to grab the last two entries? Post below in the comments section or drop me an email if you're interested! We're hoping to get the roster finalized for tomorrow because race registration closes on Wednesday.


Neal said...

I'm running it. I am already registered though. Would need to grab a singlet if there's a GRC team.

Unknown said...

I am interested. Where do I sign up?

RM said...

PR, are you still also doing Survivor 7 on Sunday? Or were you just going up to watch?

Survivor 7 is a good, fast race in Baltimore on Sunday morning. Dude's field is apparently pretty loaded right now but there are NO chicks - so the race director asked if I knew of any fast ladies. I am unsure of the total prize breakdown but I know it's $500 for the win, $500 for the first Survivor (somewhat subjective), $500 for a course record.

It looks like 40:06 is the women's course record.

PR said...
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PR said...

Nope, just LHH for me this weekend.

Anyone else good for the team? I'll send Max the roster this afternoon:


Neal said...

I'm in with Bib no. 3121 in case it's easy to convert an entry onto a team.

Neil said...

I'm running on Saturday (registered already) and was wondering if you were all meeting before the race.

I would like to start running with the club and figure this is the perfect time to meet-up.

Also, anyone doing a run tonight from the Georgetown store?

PR said...

Works for me. Meet at 7:10 at the store to warm up?

Max, do you think we'd be able to get into the store that early to stash our stuff, change, etc.?

Neal said...

Sensible to me.

Billy said...

Why don't we make it 7 just to allow for the general tardiness, etc.?

PR said...

Hah, what are you implying?

7:00 it is, then.