Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Twilighter

The next big local race is the Rockville Twilighter on July 18. The race is run at 8:45pm and it's still usually about 120 degrees out. GRC is a sponsor this year and we're looking to stack the race with runners and fill the sidelines with volunteers. Please update the calendar and indicate whether you plan to run the race. I will be submitting team information soon. If you'd like to volunteer, please write "volunteer" next to your name on the calendar. Max will assign you a job (i.e. - port-a-john cleaner)

For more information - http://mcrrc.org/races/TwilightRunfest/


dirkdeheer said...

he Jake,

I think this should be my GRC debute, even though I may regret it with the heat! Time to get back into racing!


Peter said...

If any one wants to volunteer, but would rather not clean the port-a-johns, I'm looking for a production assistant for the video of the race