Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ragnarok Approaches, Repent!

In ancient Norse mythology Ragnarok is the day of reckoning when the old world is engulfed in water and the good gods battle the bad gods and most of them die off including that poor trickster Loki. In modern times we have something similar called the Ragnar Relay, it is a team relay race where our team of good gods and goddesses battle the evil ones from Cumberland MD to Washington DC and are then engulfed in water......the Potomac.....if your into that sort of thing. It is a straight shot run through the night with two vehicles switching off, each member does 3 legs of around 5-8 miles. We need 12 people though, so I am opening up the floodgates, post in the comments if you are interested in a little fall fun the week after the Philly Distance Run.

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