Monday, June 22, 2009

GRC TV: Father's Day 8K


Diego said...

hahah dude that was too good. I thought you would end up asking her telephone number... By the way time to change the indiana jones soundtrack from ur cell?
greetings guys, you rock!

PR said...

Trust the sweatsuit...

Nate said...

The best part of the towpath and red fox production...."You are probably the worst statisticians we have ever worked the end of the day you are going to be fired." Klim

"You weren't paying me enough anyway." - Dylan

"Hey, just don't quit right now." - Klim

The Twilight video will be epic :) Great work guys!

KLIM said...

The Indiana Jones theme stays!

Sadly, Dylan was let go at the end of the night. HUGE now moves up from "guy who giggles in the background" to the new statician. Give him a hand.

Also, Ms Flicker is interested in joining up for some workouts/runs this summer. She's aiming for a 1:14 half in the fall.