Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Wherever the anonymous blogger is, i will duel you! In all seriousness, please refrain from hiding as it seems a bit weak. If you ever played basketball, it was telling if you took the ball to the hole strong and with authority vs. whether you shied away from confrontation. Ditto with anonymous blogging. What's the point?

With this said, some of you are running 90-100 mile weeks. This is worthy of true greatness. This takes dedication and sacrifice that most non-professional athletes lack.

Be proud but be smart.

Take time out to be proactive about maintaining the body beyond the run.

I can get some of you some free body work, via ART, Massage therapy and or Physical Therapy if you are serious and willing to commit to a regular schedule to getting treatments.

This arrangement can be for someone who is serious about winning a big race, making the trials or doing something of similar noteworthiness.

Several GRC runners have benefited. Most recently, Steve Meinelt, who received massages twic a week. These massages, along with hard training earned him the first American at Cherry Blossom a few years back.

Steve was not too far ahead of most of you when he started.

Heck, you can even ask the world famous towpath about the benefits of massage

If any of you are serious and willing to absolutely commit to seeing someone on a regular basis, let me know via email at


Karl D. said...


I'm serious about running fast and training to make the trials. I can't afford any massage though. Can you really help me get them for free?

MAX said...

YES. However, you need to commit to specific time to meet these people and promise to stick with it. too many people have tried this and then flaked out or not been consistent.