Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sloane PRs on Treadmill!

REPORT: Chris Sloane PRs for 10 Miles During Workout - 54:35!!

1 minute PR on treadmill

This guy is in the shape of his life!


Andy said...

And of course the dude acted like practically nothing happened at all.

Joe Wiggy said...

Awesome job Sloane! Bring on Shamrock!!! Also, what is your plan on getting down to VA Beach? are you leaving friday or saturday?

Peter said...

That guy's got a fire in his belly!

Chris Vames Sloane said...

Thanks guys.


I am heading out Friday, so I am staying 2 nights. I assume you are heading out Friday as well since you are running the 8K? My girlfriend and I are both going, maybe we could try to meet up for dinner or brunch/also with Reaves perhaps one day?

Joe Wiggy said...

yeah, lets do it. We will have to figure out where we want to meet as it gets closer. I am going to run with towpath and andy tomorrow at the line. I assume any others that are not running the Haiti run will be joining.

Big City said...

whats going on with run for haiti?