Sunday, June 12, 2011


Jake or whoever, what is the approximate distance of the run we did today including trails vs. running on Beach drive? In other words, if we ran on Beach Drive rather than the trails when the two pieces of terrain are more or less parallel, does this make the run shorter, longer, etc.

I am writing a list of runs and ranking them according to level difficulty, distance, # of hills, etc.

I would say a run like today in the heat would be considered moderate to difficult vs say, doing the same distance on the Canal, etc.

Also, little subtle variables such as number of water fountains, soft vs hard terrain factor in.

If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, etc they would like to share, speak your mind.

thanks Max


KLIM said...

Over the first 3 miles or so, the difference is about a 1/3 mile. The trail route being longer.

MAX said...

OK. whats the total. 14 or 15 miles for the run including the trail?

KLIM said...

I call the Zoo Loop btwn 14.5 and 15, but today the add ons made it closer to 16. I had 1:46.