Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Recap & Wednesday Workout

From Coach Jerry:

Let's give it up for Joe Wiggy who finished what was unquestionably the best season of his life with the half in Seattle. Joe ran big PRs at 5k, 10k, and 10 miles, and won a competitive 1500 at the Maryland Twilight meet in a near PR. Joe was understandably disappointed to end the season on a less than stellar note in Seattle, but he will be back in the fall ready to build off his considerable success this spring. And continued props to Lindsey for another great performance--well done! LJ proved at the Fathers Day 8k that she has a career in sports journalism ahead of her, but she's got a few more years left of competition left before she makes the move behind the microphone.

We're planning the first annual All American Time Trial on Saturday at BCC. For those of you who haven't been following the onslaguht of press coverage this event has received, we're going to have a number of the B groupers attempt to run 5k on the track at 5 minute pace. We haven't set a start time yet, but we'll go as early in the am as is practicable so we can beat the heat. I'm still looking for pacers, so if you're in town and not running the time trial, and are willing and able to pace a few (or more than a few) laps at 75s, let me know.

It looks like we'll have a nice night tomorrow, so we'll be fine to roll at 7:15 as normal (get to the track at 6:30pm to warm-up). The workout this week will be light on A groupers again. Karl will do 4 x mile at 5:00, with a 2:30 jog, and if anyone wants to join him, they're welcome to do so. The B group workout will be 1 x mile @ 5:00, 2 x 800 @ 2:25, all with a 400 jog, and 6 x 400, 2 @ 70, 2 @ 68, 2 @ 66, all with a 200 jog.

See you tomorrow at BCC.

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Big City said...

not sure what group I am running with but I will be spiking up, and leaving the ipod in my bag