Friday, August 26, 2011

a note from flagstaff

hey everyone!

After a long drive, a new house and settling in at the new job, I wanted to drop a brief note to thank everyone for everything over the past 2 years in DC. Without GRC I could have 'easily' given up competitive sports indefinitely (special thanks to PMurph, Klim, PReaves and Dix for the encouragement back in 09!).

Flagstaff is indeed a great place to run, but the altitude is still real tough (I'm telling you), even after 10 days. Anyhow, I'm running a lot more (swimming sucks here, unless you are LJ/Matias) and look forward to joining you'all in running fast next year! Best of luck, I'll be following the results and know that you are always welcome here!



Andy said...

What a nonsense

Matias said...

GRC training camp next year at Dirks!

DM said...

You're missed, Dirk. Enjoy the training out there!