Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunday Point to Point


I actually meant Edwards Ferry (still the same distance, White's would be like 23 miles)


The plan for Sunday's run is to do a point to point from Edward's Ferry to Old Angler's Inn. This should be about 18 miles. The Red Fox will ride a bike alongside with water, etc. I'll drive from Old Angler's up to White's Ferry - plan to meet at EF at 7:45 (someone will have to drive me back, as well), and the run should commence by 8:30. If you're in, please comment to make sure we have enough room in the car - I can fit 5, mayyyyyyyyyybe six. But preferably five.


Charlie Ban said...

If anyone, like Outlaw or Tex, is driving from Virginia, I'm interested, but if otherwise, I am not

KLIM said...

I can do this, but need a bike.

Anyone want to offer me a bike?

Ryan said...

Looking forward to it!

Charlie Ban said...

I have a ride, so I am in

Matias said...

Ban is in? Epic

Andy said...

Anyone have an idea what time you'd be arriving at Riley's Lock if you start at 8:30?

DM said...

If there is still room in the car, I'll be there at 7:45.

Joe Wiggy said...

Klim(can someone get this guy a bike suitable for towpath???)
Anyone else?
We will need two cars

Andy said...

I have a mountain bike for jake. I want to only run 8, which is why I ask when the group expects to be at Riley's. Maybe I can stop at OAI and drop off the bike and then head to Riley's from there. I plan to do 4mi starting from Riley's easy and then a faster 4mi back to Riley's after I meet you guys.

Andy said...

oops, i read that wrong. White's to Old Anglers. I'll meet you all at White's, give my bike to Jake, head to OAI and start my run from there, meeting you hopefully 4mi into my run from OAI.

KLIM said...

Thanks CTR.

I will meet you folks at OAI @ 7:45am

Add to the roster for transport:
Emily and Jessica

P Murph said...

CTR - when do you plan to depart on the run from OAI? I'm not up for the point-to-point, but could join for the last few miles.

Andy said...

Using my superior counting skills, I think 9:35-:40 is a good time to start from OAI.