Thursday, July 12, 2007

FINAL Rockville Twilight Team

Anyone else?

Please e-mail me ( and let me know if I've missed you...I am sending this into the appropriate people in the next couple of days.

Rockville Twilight Team

Allen Carr
Max Lockwood
Jason Dwyer
Jake Klim
Steve Money
Joe Wiegner
Matias Palavecino
Scott Munro
Matt Ernst
Christopher Raabe

Dawn Sell
Megan Sowa


Dawn said...

FYI-I already registered and didn't put down GTRC for my team name.

Melissa said...

Boo. I wish I could be here. I'm going to Miami with my roommates (I figured Miami in July would be the best way to acclimatize my body to running in the heat). Hope everyone has a great race. Be sure to hit up those sprinklers on the course. Another trick Dave Haaga told me about was taking an ice cold shower right before leaving for the race and blasting the A/C at an uncomfortable level on the ride over. Anyway, go team GRC!

MAX said...

Melissa are you serious about going to Miami to run in the heat?

MAX said...

Now that we have raabe we should be really strong. not sure that even the mighty Pacers can top this. it comes down to volume. should be a good one. Wilson said that if he is somehow healed in time, he might even jump in. If we get more people who want to do it we can form an A and B team.

Havegoats said...

Put me down for the C team!

MAX said...

we might have like 20 people. we definatley need new and distinctive singlets. suggestions for color, style, etc?

MAX said...

Klim, can you add Pavel frelich to the team? He is 36 years old and lives in Chevy Chase, MD. thanks M