Saturday, July 14, 2007


I am sorry not to be able to make it to Matt's house and debate running strategy and politics. I am heading to the Northeast Kingdom of VT to run up mountains and see the family.

Today, myself, Jim, Ben, Dylan, Pavel, Martin and .....please forgive as I have forgotten the young woman's name who came with us, hammered a workout. Nothing shabby. Jim Hage, at age 49, still runs like the wind and low and behold, little Cookie looked like the Ben of old. His form and movement were effortless. Good to see him out leading the charge, again.

My hamstring is tight but what else is to be expected.

It seems everyone else followed Big Money on one of his Rock Creek/Glover Archibald runs.

There was even a Chris Raabe sighting, though albeit brief, as he is rumored to have somehow dissapeared into the woods in the middle of the run.

For the next weekend run we can do it in Jake's little playground out Bethesday way.

later, M

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