Friday, July 27, 2007



I am thinking it might be best to postpone this bash for a few weeks. What about August 18th?

Items looming----------

I have to fly out to Wyoming for work on Sunday. I have been asked to be on call for a budget crisis we are working on at work for Sat, I am at work as we speak and it is supposed to rain tomorrow. All of this and I don't think I will have time to prepare, pack, do errands, etc. Too much to do and no time.

please forgive



KLIM said...

No worries...

Fellas, let's wrangle up something. Any suggestions?

Matt Ernst said...

Drinks at that dive in Bethesda...again?

KLIM said...

I would be game.

Barking Dog Bethesda...unless there is another option?

KLIM said...

I am heading out to watch Melissa run the 10k at the W&OD Trail.

Scott - we'll all probably be by to shower after the race.

I will be on my cell - 508-364-4980 if anything is happening.