Thursday, July 5, 2007


We are definately doing the run on Sat. Meet at the store at 9am sharp. Ben or Allen, can you open the store? I think Philippe is coming as is my buddy Paul Rades and maybe Jim Hage and whoever else.

Its time to throw off the gloves. I did a little fun race i do every year on the 4th, yesterday in Fredericksburg, VA. Nice place and nice little five miler. I go up to battle an age group rival of mine, Matt Boyd and also duke it out with lots of locals.

Anyway, Ted(ever stoic and serious)Poulos was there as was superstar, Ryan Deak. There were also scores of highschool kids who's parents I know. Anyway, at the begining of the race, one of the kids comes up to me and says, are you Max Lockwood? I said yes and then he replies, "I'm going to whip your butt(or something to this effect). An ominous start to a 4th of July race, to say the least--- Well, the gun went off and Deak charged out to the lead with about 10 high school kids chasing him. However, mixed in the pack was Ted Poulos! I said, there is no way Ted is going to beat me. Well, I hit the mile mark in 5:17 and there is no way I am in that kind of running shape, now. Anyway, Ted was hanging in there and though I kept him in view, he managed to beat me. This will not happen again. Its time to stop whining and get faster.

At least I won an American flag baseball cap and a paperweight.


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Allen Carr said...

The store will be open at 9.