Thursday, July 26, 2007


Went out from the store yesterday at 6:15. Group of folks who wanted to do an easy run, ran with Allen. Myself, Scott, two new guys and Matt Ernst(oh my gosh) went out for a fartlek run.

MOONRO looks to be hitting his stride. We did 10X2 minute on and 1 offs with 2 mile warm up and cool down. MOONRO really started to take off in the middle and pushed the pack. This new guy, Billy hung right in there, as well. "OLD MAN ERNST" pushed himself to the limit and will be running 38 minutes 10ks by year's end. As Wilson taught me, the only way to get better is to train hard and make it so, that at times, you feel like you are near death.

I am finally feeling like i can run everyday without too much hesitation. TIME to ROLL and throw caution to the Wind. Next real test is Leesburg 20K .


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