Friday, July 27, 2007

Video of DCRRC Mile Race on 07/25/07

Look out for the light blue GRC singlets (Luke and Christiam) and coach Klim running across the field.


Elite Mile
1 Bert Rodriguez M 27 Arlington VA 4:24.1
2 Jorge Medina M 22 Falls Church VA 4:29.2
3 Joe LaMonte M 27 Arlington VA 4:32.2
4 Luke Merkel M 23 Washington DC 4:32.9
5 Randy McDermott M 35 Bethesda MD 4:34.3
6 Christiam Camacho M 28 Bethesda MD 4:36.0
7 Monte B. Hawkins M 30 Falls Church VA 4:44.9
8 Douglas Carl M 31 Arlington VA 4:46.1
9 Mark Barela M 28 Santa Fe NM 4:50.8
10 Chris Farley M 31 Arlington VA 4:57.0

Race report under the comments...


christiam said...

DCRRC Mile, 07/25/07
Goal: Sub 4:40
Actual time: 4:36
Came into the race with fresh legs and weather conditions seemed reasonable for a PR (no wind of significance, low 80s, not humid). I had a great support crew with coach Klim and my girlfriend coming along, and running into Luke at the race. Luke and I warmed up by running a few laps around the track, then stretched for a bit, did some striders, and finally lined up for the last heat of the mile.

Went out in 34 secs for the first 200m, 66-67 at 400m, feeling pretty good running right behind Luke. We reached 800m in 2:16 and I still felt pretty good. During the 3rd lap the leader of the chase pack started pushing the pace and I did my best to stay right on his heels, leading to a 68 sec 3rd 400 (3:24 at 1200m). It was then when I felt my legs getting tired and the leader of the chase pack starting pulling away. With 200m to go I felt my form deteriorating but I concentrated to keep it together and sprinted with 100m to go.

After many ups and downs in the past few months of training, a couple of weeks ago I wasn't sure what kind of time I'd run, but fortunately everything came together that day (thanks to my support crew and training partners, specially Jake and Ben for running speed workouts with me!). I was of course pretty winded after the race, but running an 8 second PR in a time that once seemed unthinkable was... priceless.

Scott said...

hey christiam, great job out there. looks like you ran perfectly even the whole race. glad all the work is paying off. good to see luke out there as well. glad klim made sure you guys didn't fall asleep out there. also correct me if i am wrong, but this could be a major milestone as our first video embedded in the blog.

Wiggy said...

Congratulations Christiam!!!!! You earned it buddy! I knew you had that in you... It sounds like you stuck to your game plan the whole way through... getting out quick and holding on. You worked real hard bud... and got an 8 second PR out of it... Thats awesome..

Dane said...

Holy crap. I can only hope to get within 20 seconds of that time. Way to go, Chrisitam!

Matias said...

Nice job, and great race footage